Morning commute and a sneeze

Train: Prelude: I am not sick nor do I have any allergies nor hayfever. Event: I settle into the train for my trip to work and the aircon is blasting overhead causing my nose to active. First commences the ever so subtle sniffle, then commences the sneezing. Given my girl scout understanding as provided by my germaphobic aunty overseas, I have my tissues. I sneeze directly into the tissue and proceed to blow my nose in an ever so lady like manner. My eyes meet my opposite commuter, a lady who responds ‘disgusting!’ Slightly startled by the response to the normal functioning of my body, not at all the response I’m use to (read ‘bless you’) – my eyes shoot a glance and say ‘I’m sorry, next time I’ll sneeze directly into my hands and use them as tissues!’ luckily for her I have a filter and the words never escape my tightly pursed lips…


Australia Day and the Worm

Taking a moment, a deep breath and relaxing myself into the arms of the universe, I marvel at the amazing, raw beauty that hides from the dwellers in plain view. It is a beauty often forgotten but marveled at when rediscover. The moments of returning to nature is like running into a soul mate, where it all feels as though this is the way life should always be. I want to hold onto the moment for as long as possible, capturing mental photos of the serenity stored away in the treasure chest of moments where the universe takes my breath away.

The sun had set not long before, the sky dancing with the many shades of pinks and blues on a calm evening after a sweltering day of heat. A day celebrated with a cliché and traditional Australia Day barbeque, surrounded by laughter and good company. The sky had been absent any clouds or imperfections, so perfect it could have been mistaken for silk. Sitting amongst the pebbles of the edge of the water, the lake sat calm. The vast body of water was framed with a lining of soldier like trees. The trees stood tall and firm; yet tightly side by side with their brother-trees, almost in a guarded manner yet exerting a mysterious quality raising questions about what is hidden beyond.

On an evening so perfect and surrounded by peace, yet with great determination of proving my capability to embrace all of natures’ activities, I cast my fishing line into the lake, I settled back into a waiting game to see if I would receive a reward for such patience. I cannot help but turn my mind to reflections of my world and all that makes it what it is. The evening sky turned to night, revealing that lay hidden within is an array of wonders. The stars peppered across the dome above me reaching from end to end, further than my eye is able to see. The many clusters visible as they glisten together, yet each individual star shining brightly in their own right. There is an odd feeling of serenity that washes over my being. My mind and eyes continuously drawn back towards the sky; the immense beauty of the sparkling stars danced above.

As the night air quickly cooled, it was time to pack up and leave. Lifting the fishing rod, I starting to negotiate the reeling in of what I anticipated to be the catch of the night; a fish so large that it would feed us for a week! I contemplated the limited fish recipes that I was familiar with but was sure I could find others to cook the amazing fish I had hooked on my line. There was initially some resistance, which surely meant a good catch, perhaps a great catch! Perhaps even greater than I imagined! After a few more moments of reeling, whilst the rod promisingly bent like the hunchback of notre dame, the line capitulated out of the water! As I watched intently, unintentionally holding my breath I brought the line in and I caught it… staring at it puzzled, even more difficult to do so in the dark of the night using only the assistance of the distant torch, I squinted at the hook that hung only millimeters from my face… there was no fish – no gigantic catch that we could eat for the next week…not even a baby, underweight fish that I would need to redeposit into the lake but I had caught something…it wriggled at the end of the line…I had caught a worm! Wait… my expression became one of even more confusion…I’m pretty sure that was the way my fishing rod started… still a completely intact worm.

A complete success of an evening none the less…my ability to cast a fishing rod is a new capability to be proud of.


Photographer: Jensen A

Photographer: Jensen A

Our New Arrival

The anxiously awaited day had finally arrived. It was a day my partner and I had been looking forward to and we were nervous. There were the irrational questions – what if he wasn’t happy with our home? What if he didn’t feel like he belonged with us? We knew the first few days would be difficult, but we had talked about him and planning his arrival for at least a year.

We arrived at the address we were given. We saw Him. As we slowly approached, my heart quickened it’s pace. Soon he would be ours to take home. His head was down as he eagerly feed. He seemed to have a big appetite; something we were grateful for… He was healthy. We watched him intently and as we did he raised his eyes briefly to meet mine. His big, deep and brown eyes sparkled with mischief. After a quick yet thorough conversation with his carer, the handover was complete and we were ready.
Bundling back onto the car, we tried our best to have him feel settled and feeling as comfortable as possible. He did not appear familiar with the car. We drove slowly, my heart slowing when he occasionally cried out.

When we arrived home, we lifted him out of the car and nervously entered. We needed to introduced him to our dog gizmo and budgie Teddy. Gizmo ran in excitedly as he heard us arrive through the front door. After calming gizmos exciting dog jumps, we were able to calm him long enough to sit. We bent down and introduced Gizmo to our newest family member. Gizmo sniffed eagerly and He leaned in to meet Gizmos nose. It was a gentle peck of affection. Gizmo was startled at the contact and quickly composed himself, leaning forward to sniff again.

He slightly puffed himself out and stood full and firm, showing the full beauty of his colours. They radiated like the colours of the rainbow. He confidently walking steadily along my partners arm and settled comfortably upon his shoulder. We couldn’t have been happier – our new member of our family, our rainbow lorikeet Mango had finally arrived.


23 January 2014

The locks secured in the name of love ~ Melbourne

The locks secured in the name of love ~ Melbourne

I am a rich woman ~ Not on the measurement of my bank balance, the car I drive nor the house within I reside but by the measurement of the abundance of love in my heart; the gratitude in my soul and the blessings I receive
~ F.P

A New Home For My Words

Welcome to my new page…

My passion for quote drafting, general writing and my roaming imagination required a new home as opposed to being hidden away in the shadows of my moleskine note books and various other word keepers and story holders.  In the words of the great Dr. Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. While I am not yet at the point of agony or bearing an untold story in the truest form of having a burning story awaiting a birth into the world, I feel the desire to share positivity, hope and general happiness with others through my written words.  I consider it my duty to the universe for all of my blessings.

By way of introduction and clarification, I draft my quotes personally. I do not steal the intellectually property of a writer or quote writer. At times when I feel they convey the written word in the precise manner that I wish to illustrate, I will pay the due respect they deserve and acknowledge the borrowing of their fine artistic construction of words.  I write by drawing on my world; my life experiences; my observations and my imagination… i have nothing different to anyone else to assist in my view of the universe… I simply allow….

Thank you for welcoming me into your personal reading world… I promise to respect the entrance and hope to bring a little… Something to your world…