A New Home For My Words

Welcome to my new page…

My passion for quote drafting, general writing and my roaming imagination required a new home as opposed to being hidden away in the shadows of my moleskine note books and various other word keepers and story holders.  In the words of the great Dr. Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”. While I am not yet at the point of agony or bearing an untold story in the truest form of having a burning story awaiting a birth into the world, I feel the desire to share positivity, hope and general happiness with others through my written words.  I consider it my duty to the universe for all of my blessings.

By way of introduction and clarification, I draft my quotes personally. I do not steal the intellectually property of a writer or quote writer. At times when I feel they convey the written word in the precise manner that I wish to illustrate, I will pay the due respect they deserve and acknowledge the borrowing of their fine artistic construction of words.  I write by drawing on my world; my life experiences; my observations and my imagination… i have nothing different to anyone else to assist in my view of the universe… I simply allow….

Thank you for welcoming me into your personal reading world… I promise to respect the entrance and hope to bring a little… Something to your world…



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