Our New Arrival

The anxiously awaited day had finally arrived. It was a day my partner and I had been looking forward to and we were nervous. There were the irrational questions – what if he wasn’t happy with our home? What if he didn’t feel like he belonged with us? We knew the first few days would be difficult, but we had talked about him and planning his arrival for at least a year.

We arrived at the address we were given. We saw Him. As we slowly approached, my heart quickened it’s pace. Soon he would be ours to take home. His head was down as he eagerly feed. He seemed to have a big appetite; something we were grateful for… He was healthy. We watched him intently and as we did he raised his eyes briefly to meet mine. His big, deep and brown eyes sparkled with mischief. After a quick yet thorough conversation with his carer, the handover was complete and we were ready.
Bundling back onto the car, we tried our best to have him feel settled and feeling as comfortable as possible. He did not appear familiar with the car. We drove slowly, my heart slowing when he occasionally cried out.

When we arrived home, we lifted him out of the car and nervously entered. We needed to introduced him to our dog gizmo and budgie Teddy. Gizmo ran in excitedly as he heard us arrive through the front door. After calming gizmos exciting dog jumps, we were able to calm him long enough to sit. We bent down and introduced Gizmo to our newest family member. Gizmo sniffed eagerly and He leaned in to meet Gizmos nose. It was a gentle peck of affection. Gizmo was startled at the contact and quickly composed himself, leaning forward to sniff again.

He slightly puffed himself out and stood full and firm, showing the full beauty of his colours. They radiated like the colours of the rainbow. He confidently walking steadily along my partners arm and settled comfortably upon his shoulder. We couldn’t have been happier – our new member of our family, our rainbow lorikeet Mango had finally arrived.



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