Morning commute and a sneeze

Train: Prelude: I am not sick nor do I have any allergies nor hayfever. Event: I settle into the train for my trip to work and the aircon is blasting overhead causing my nose to active. First commences the ever so subtle sniffle, then commences the sneezing. Given my girl scout understanding as provided by my germaphobic aunty overseas, I have my tissues. I sneeze directly into the tissue and proceed to blow my nose in an ever so lady like manner. My eyes meet my opposite commuter, a lady who responds ‘disgusting!’ Slightly startled by the response to the normal functioning of my body, not at all the response I’m use to (read ‘bless you’) – my eyes shoot a glance and say ‘I’m sorry, next time I’ll sneeze directly into my hands and use them as tissues!’ luckily for her I have a filter and the words never escape my tightly pursed lips…


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