When the Universe Throws ‘Gifts’ at You

How intriguing. Three. At least three. No wonder you have hesitations in life.

The space between my eyebrows inadvertently scrunch together. My questioning glance is not visible beneath the eye pillow that rests upon my now alert face. As I continue to lay on my back, my ears are straining to hear more from her lips. Her flow of breathing at points deepens. I hear the unmistakable sounds of her filling her lungs with the scented air of the room ~ pause ~ exhale. The sound of the air evacuating her lungs was long and laboured. My mind wondered how much toxic energy was I storing?

An hour before, I had arrived at the beautiful home of an inspirational woman I had met years before. By sight she is the definition of beauty at an age. She floats through life on the natural energy of the universe; her eyes holding the wisdom of natures best secrets; her voice as gentle as silk.

Upon arrival, her home carries the same energy as present upon her. She had led me to a room perfectly decorated with a spiritual heart. A massage table in the centre and a consultant chair and table unobtrusively to the side. Crystals delicately appear throughout the room. The room has a subtle feminine feel.

She gently, un-accusingly and non-judgmentally probes the purpose of my visit. The question stumps me. Why had I chosen to spend my Saturday morning in the hands of a Reiki practitioner? A direct question I potentially should have had a direct answer to. I take a moment. I close my eyes and allow my mind to draw a blank. My intuition does not usually fail to deliver. ‘Lightness’ I breathe out. Opening my eyes, she smiles and immediately understands. She knows I am not speaking of being lighter on the scales department, nor some form of epiphany enlightenment. So our mission is set and she immediately gets to work explaining the natural energies of the universe we can drawn on as we are in the Autumn season. As she rattles off herbs and scents I smile, yet continue to be swept by her gentle yet professional manner.

How intriguing. Three. At least three. No wonder you have hesitations in life.

The words echoed.

While I continue to allow the gentle energy flow from my toes and up through every inch of my being, the sounds of the earth music assists to maintain my breathing in rhythm. I had not the slightest idea what she was talking about. Holding the sides of my temples, the warmth through her fingers pulsates onto my skin providing a gentle comfort. A false security blanket for my soul.  Before I realise, I am subtly brought to a state of awareness. Must have fallen asleep… not the first or realistically the last time.

Stepping off the table, I straighten my clothes and hair, wiping any remaining sleep from my eyes. Sitting back on the chair she calmly explained I was holding negative energy; that I will require work on my soul to shift my energy away; that I have lived at least three other lifetimes.

Pause. Pardon?  My mind shouts Time out!

As she continues to speak my brain is no longer keeping up with the words flowing from her mouth.  My mind is still very much in pause mode.  My confusion was obvious and immediately decided she must have said the negativity felt like I am carrying enough for three lifetimes… yet she continued to say I was dressed in a red gown for one of them and I had some very unresolved issues from all of them. My interest peaked. I didn’t mistakenly hear. At least three??

I believe in the universe providing gifts. Could it be possible for one such gift to be multiple attempts in different forms.

I have been the recipient of many interesting comments. Some have been spontaneous, uninvited and unexpected. Others have been solicited and rewarded with the exchange of a small fee such as this one, yet regardless of how they come, some comments are so left field that they create a world of thought that takes on a life force of its own and creates reassessment and re evaluations of the life you believed to be okay.

I feel comforted at the connections I may have opened up with the universe to facilitate the clearly open lines of communication. I welcome the universe providing us with opportunities to establish unique, human connections as well as unique guidance through the subtle and not so subtle messages being conveyed by many means.

Some connections turn your beliefs on their head. Ones that scramble with your understanding of life and the universe. Ones that open a side of your imagination, yet placed within your hands knowledge that flirts with the romantic alternate realities of past lives, soul mates, imprints upon a soul that had traveled through many lives over. All during a spontaneous and indulgent session of Reiki. My amazingly talented and spiritually connected intuitive healer casually uttered those words of commentary, hinting to the existence of not one but at least three past lives… all of which impacting upon my current, young life.

The question then becomes:

What to do when the universe provides you signs of such magnitude?

I am still working on it…

~ F.P


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