The Beauty of the Month of May

~ May ~

The month of subtle. Subtle winds and subtle rain… subtle warmth and subtle chill.

The unique month of beautiful oranges – an array of burnt and bright oranges.

May is a compromise between summer and winter. The morning breeze holds within it a chill encouraging winter coats, graceful scarves and stylish gloves. A subtle fog is visible upon your breath.

As the day fully blooms and the sun rises to its peak, the rays bathe our faces in the glow of the warmth. It is a warmth as a deceptive comfort that the cold has gone. Or equally simply easing us in…inch by inch to an inevitable winter.

As the sun sets, the warmth of the day lingers ever so slightly. It is a bareable evening, even suited with simply layers. The night air settles heavily against the windows, slowly seeping through the home, having us reach for blankets to hide beneath and heaters to toast the air.

The next morning brings the white frosting decorating the windows. It’s almost artistic.  A subtle reminder that summer is now but a distant memory…

~ F.P


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