Ready or not….here comes 2015!

Every end of year brings with it the opportunity to review the last 12 months, usually with a critical perspective as we hope to have a better year for the next.  The last few days, or more accurately the last few hours of the year have us mentally scrutinizing and drafting a list of ‘new year resolutions’ ~ essentially promises to ourselves that life will be more than what it was the last.  The list stereotypically includes weight loss or health goals, more adventure, to save better ~ it’s essentially a wish list of what we hope our lives would be…that is a lot of pressure for the transition that literally lasts moments that only change the last digits on the calender.

Resolution maker – I am one of those people.  I usually start drafting my written resolutions days before the year comes to a close.  I am a goal orientated person and what better time to reset my list than the new year!  New date, new year, new start!  I usually write a year in review of all the great things as well as the not so great things that happened – this task alone could be somewhat therapeutic in putting the year to bed.

All except this year.   

This year I merely embraced the time ticking over.  This was the first year in a long while where I didn’t feel the need to make a list to feel guilty about failing to stick to by January’s end.  This was also the first year that I wasn’t in a rush to close the chapter on – it was a surprisingly great year all round ~ older and wiser perhaps?  The ability to allow things to slide off me as opposed to worrying about things that just can’t be changed?  Whatever the reason… here’s to 2015!

A year of greatness!!!

A year of prospering happiness!!!

A year of no pressure to be anything but your authentic self….




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