Whispers to the Universe

The soul of the universe spoke directly to her own. Through the gentle breeze that carried about lightly and unobtrusively, she would listen unsure of what she would hear but she would always listen.

She would connect through the skin of the oak as she sat against its sturdy trunk. The leaves above would rustle and she would await to listen for the earths whispers. The heart of this tree reached firmly below the known surface and deeply into the veins of the universe. It gave life through its oxygen but even more so, gave out a strength and compassion by subtle presence – it was there- solid and dependable.
The land beneath her bare feet were a mix of soil, grass attempting to rise through and the fallen leaves and branches. All of these elements, although different to one another co existed.
She co existed.
In a world of push and pull – of demand for her time and for her energy she works towards a balance. There are moments of silence – complete silence – her imbalance tips far in the opposite to the universe.

That silence is deafening as she craves the simple and uncomplicated connection.
The balance isnt always perfect, nor is the connection with the universe – yet continue to seek it – look for it – grow towards it and nurture the dancing of your soul as you listen to the whispers of the universe….
~ F.P


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