Her life crumbled…

Her world had crumbled in moments.

It was a world she had carefully built over time to perfection. Every step she took forward had been strategically mapped out with great forethought of the three steps to follow. She drempt of greatness – of success – of accomplishments – of a life that would hold her happiness as a reward of her diligence and responsibility.
But then life changed her plans, absent her consideration. The change struck a core to here fundamental foundation of her existence. It was as though a vital jenja block had been pulled out and the structure swayed, threatening imminent collapse. Her structure was a breath away from collapsing into a pile of rubble. Her new steps were reactive as she felt suspended on a tightrope with the possibility of falling at any given moment. She feared falling. She feared the path her life was about the take. The change was irreversible. It was forever. It was heart wrenching and had destroyed the very life in her soul.


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