Soul Mates are like Unicorns

Love appears in many forms, yet to collide with your soul mate – that is almost as rare as stumbling across a unicorn, almost.

We hear a lot of people who speak broadly of being deeply, passionately and utterly in love with their ‘soul mates’. They speak of finding their ‘happily ever after’.
Keeping in line with my lifes mantra of essentially, ‘each to their own’, I will only speak upon my own perceived perception of a soul mate, which I have come to understand to be different to others.

My personal understanding of a soul mate is the recognition of souls to one another from previous encounters. The connections are deep; deeper than a connection of the heart but one of the soul and your being. A connection that far exceeds reason and logic; one that defies understanding but is merely part of your souls imprint.
Soul mates are not your ‘forever’, til death do us part love but a collision of souls that recognize one another but can never be. It is the universes cruel trick in exposing you to the deepest of emotions that far exceed our understanding, only to rip out the opportunity from beneath our feet.

I was fortunate and equally unfortunate enough to have collided with my soul mate many moons ago. We were young. We had limited life experience, let alone an understanding of the depth of the connection that was tied between us.
The connection was instant and unexpected yet it was the most natural of feelings.
There were conversations had with little words said; there was love so deep that it was suffocating and there was never a need to understand why… because it just was.

It was powerful and dramatic. It was consuming and spectacular. Yet it was confusing and confronting.

Our lives continued to collide and entwine. I have accepted our fate is not of one together – well not in this lifetime..


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