My Gratitude & Appreciation Project

Over 30 or so days, I had been sharing my appreciations and gratitude as part of my Gratitude and Appreciation Project via Facebook.

To put this project into context, just over a month ago I was faced with a first world dilemma – to permanently sign off social media or to turn it into a forum where I can add positivity to the world that was otherwise turning bleak in my perception. Some years ago, I made a conscious decision to stop watching the news. There was never any positive news to be told and it created a very dark perception of the world we live in. You may think this is a naive approach ~ perhaps…but to clarify I am not delusional about the horrible crimes committed, nor am I of the belief that everyone in this world is good. I have merely made the person choice to surround myself with positivity instead of the saturation of the negative that our world seems to comfortably be bathed in.

The decision to disconnect was a troubling question for me because I felt as though if I simply removed my presence, that wasn’t adding to the solution or assisting in the broader problem. The broader problem was this: Social Media, news from varying sources and people’s perception of life became a saturation of negativity drawn from a range of things, often those that did not directly effect their own world, yet had profound impact. Issues such as horrendous murders, natural disasters, impending death penalties being carried out – the list was endless…It was emotionally draining those around me and they would openly discuss their distress, which is an absolutely essential aspect of humanity and maintaining human connections and always welcome, yet there came a point where it felt as though the explosion of negativity was not balanced in any way against any form of positivity. Life is still beautiful ~ life is still amazing. There are many great people, doing great things! We just need to allow the room for those stories to be part of our day too.

After deep personal contemplation of withdrawing altogether, I chose the latter – to stay and fight. Positivity would have to prevail at some point. It was then that the Gratitude and Appreciation Project was conceived.

I have participated in similar things in the past and they always result in deep reflections on how I live, what I am grateful and appreciative of and make me mindful of life – of the fleeting nature of it and the impact of my world on others.

My project draws to a close, yet I will continue to privately record my gratitude and appreciation. You may have noticed I wouldn’t post everyday – some days I simply chose to appreciate life privately… or some days I didn’t feel the appreciation needed to be shared… other days I was just lazy and justified that it was my life and my rules anyway – that thinking goes back to my life’s motto –

This is my life and I choose how to live it.

Life isn’t easy – far from it. Everyone faces all sorts of demons that we will never know about, nor do we need to because it isn’t our battle to face. But within everyday, even the worst day you could ever face – there is always something you can locate within it that you can be grateful for and appreciative of.

The day is comprised of:

24 hours;

1440 minutes;

86,400 seconds…

Within all of that time is the potential for important moments to be had, made and cherished.

This doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness. We don’t need to be happy every moment of every day – that isn’t reality. We don’t need to be happy everyday either… it all comes down to balance. Yet, perhaps seeking little appreciation within our lives and living it mindfully, we will start to live it in a way that we will create a much more positive space to foster beautiful creations of compassion, peace and a genuine sense of feeling comfortable in the space we live.


~ FP


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