Happy Mothers Day to All

On this morning, it is hoped that Mothers across Australia are being showered with love, attention and gratitude by the ones they endlessly, lovingly and thoughtfully dedicate their days and nights (and sometimes their sanity) to.

As an expression of my own gratitude, I thank my mum wholly and completely. The older I become, the more I come to understand the role of mothers and particularly my own. The pivotal piece of life’s puzzle ~ they are not a piece, but the backboard that often keeps the picture whole.

As I sit here today, I send my endless thanks to my mum who is the strongest, wisest and most caring woman I have ever known…and to all the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, fathers being both the mother and father and all kinds of people who continue to work tirelessly for those they love, support and raise… thank you.


To my mum I thank you for,

~ Still being as motherly as she was when I was a child – regardless of my age;

~ Loving me and my siblings so much that I never questioned it – and loving us by showing it;

~ Always having your arms ready…

  • To pick me up when I fell;
  • To catch me when I jumped;
  • To hug away my fears when the world seemed so big and scary;
  • To help me hold all my pieces in place when my personal universe was falling apart.

~ Being my teacher, my life coach, my counselor, my cheer leader and my reality check;

~ Having the patience to raise me with all my quirks and accepting that all your children are special in different ways and loving us all regardless;

~ Recognizing the importance of imagination and teaching me how to make a cubby house on a wet winters morning – and then showing me the responsibility to clean up after the cubby house world needed to be packed away;

~ Having the patience to teach me all of life’s important lessons in a way that I never knew I was being taught something so fundamental and important. You taught me:

  • To love;
  • Forgiveness;
  • Not to judge others;
  • Strength;
  • How to dream big and aim high;
  • How to be honest;
  • The reality that only through my hard work will I succeed…
  • Life is hard but through honesty, having integrity and strong life values that you can survive and succeed;
  • It’s okay to ask for help because she will always be patient enough to work through anything with me.

~ Feigning appreciation for all the crappy gifts we have given you over the years and now receiving them from your grandchildren and still being lovely enough to pretend you love them and display them.

My gratitude and appreciation is endless.

To those whose mothers can only be here in spirit I send strength and love and the hope that the memories will carry you today. To those who have their personal difficulties with their mothers, remember that time is precious…




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