Inspiration – What it looks like in a real day…

I am utterly and completely swept up and inspired by life.

At the moment, my favourite saying is that ‘Life is too amazing to…[insert negative or passive activity or feeling here]’

In the mornings I spring out of bed with enthusiasm and excitement. I sing to the birds and think of all of the amazing moments I am going to experience today. All day! Because every moment will be amazing!
I wake up before my alarm clock and I’m so full of energy because once again I have had a full and perfect night sleep where the angels have virtually cradled me all night. My shower is the perfect temperature. My day starts just perfectly.

What a great picture of inspiration! How isn’t life amazing when everything falls into place just as it should! Right!?
Now here is the actual reality of my life, including my inspiration.

My mornings commence with the rude and startling alarm set on my phone buried beneath my pillow. I count it being silenced by the genius ‘snooze’ button five times before the alarm gives up, threatening to let me sleep and cause me to be late to wherever I need to go. The alarm is a mash of ear disturbing sounds that are meant to encourage me to burst to life, even accompanied by an inspirational message to myself to have an ‘inspired’ and ‘amazing day’. Instead, every morning I curse the choice of sound that I believe will one day cause my heart palpitations to morph into a full heart attack! I roughly calculate the number of hours I was actually awake for during the night, cursing time in the way it continues to tick whilst the world sleeps and I am tossing and turning and thinking of everything imaginable. And it is just so amazingly annoying that my mind is able to create the best and most sound ideas in the dead of the night, usually with the perfect combination of a ‘too cosy’ position to get out of bed in the hunt for a paper and pen…

Throwing my legs out from the sheets, I will my body to a seated position before dragging myself into the shower all the while with my eyes shut. Mornings are on autopilot and a time that has no place for vision. I know where the soap and shampoo are… the same place they were yesterday.

My shower is filled with my mind racing over a lengthy to do list of work things, domestic things, upcoming events and anything else my brain can be saturated by. Clearly not the most inspiring way to start the day – already tired of the expectations of what needs to be done. Some days I wonder how I don’t just crawl straight back into bed after the shower and call it a day!

Rushing from the house to catch the train, I pray I don’t forget anything, checking the contents of my hand bag six times before finally shutting the door.

As I walk to the station, the soothing breeze against my face reminds me it’s Autumn. The colours dancing across the sky are streaked in pinks, oranges and different shades of blue and it immediately mesmerizes me of what nature is capable of. It is also an excellent reminder to drag my eyes away from the phone for even the briefest moment to engage in the natural world that surrounds ~ and the natural elements of the world provide such amazing grounding.

Public spaces are a gold mine for inspiration. As I get to the station, I look around at the collection of people assembled here, waiting for the train to arrive. This is but a glimpse into the lives of others. As the train approaches and we board, usually everyone desperately scrambling to secure a perfect seat, we settle. People intrigue me. The reason for this is that everyone is so unique in the way we think, act and are. There are moments on a train ride where we may be given a glimpse into who these people really are – overheard private phone conversations, in person conversations, how they spend their time such as reading (and what they are reading), applying makeup (applicable to both males and females), busily typing on laptops, studying through text books, sleeping or casually browsing through Facebook and other social media pages.

The train ride is a substantial time that gives me plenty of thinking space to contemplate.

Today I am inspired by the knowledge that nothing known that I face today is negative. There isn’t any decision to be made that will be life or death. I may be busy but that is part and parcel to the way we live in our fast paced lives – and it isn’t always the same as facing a tough day.

Life is too amazing to be dragged through it mindlessly.

That’s the motto ~ now the reality…

Life is full of routine and responsibilities.

Life isn’t always positively inspired. There are the negative inspirations that are often just as effective as the positive…

Every moment of every day is not always inspiring ~ that is not reality ~ or not my reality anyway.

However, Inspiration can catch us off guard and sometimes we just need to look around to catch them. Inspiration isn’t always about the big stuff but about the small things that make up our day that shine the light on potential…

When we think about inspiration, there seems to be the false expectation that there will be lightening bolt moments that will catapult us into this space of life full of zest and amazement, yet sometimes it can be the smallest of things that inspire.

I am inspired by nature ~ by the ocean, the mountains, the countryside, the cities…

I am inspired by human connections, by simple moments.

A moment of silence; the sound of laughter; watching a couple, young, old, ‘middle aged’ – just enjoying each others company.

I am inspired by reading a great quote.

I am inspired by hearing a triumphant story.

I am inspired by music…by artwork…

I am inspired by people and all that makes people shine…

Inspiration and allowing your soul to bathe in it takes practice… and some moments in a day need to just be felt for what they are… tough, difficult and uninspiring… yet through every experience take away a life lesson…and sometimes the inspiration is that you survived to try again tomorrow…



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