Hooray for Spring…

Spring ~

The mere thought creates a lightness within my soul.

There is something truly magical about the transition between the seasons ~ there is something particularly special about the transition between winter and spring.

Images of pretty blossoms, the warmth of the sunshine, bright and uninterrupted blue skies dance within my mind. The smells of the freshly cut grass, of the spring trees all immediately calm my soul.  Spring was made to allow our souls to soar in adventure and playfulness.  It is our reward for surviving the harsh conditions of winter we are forced to endure.


As I shed my winter self, I stand upon the grass barefoot.  My breath digs deeply into my chest as my feet embrace the grounding.  Spring reminds my body to reconnect with the earth.  My face is bathed in the warmth of the sunshine. The gentle, warm breeze licks my cheeks as my eyes remain closed.

My life source is being recharged and my soul has thawed it’s way back to life.

Here’s to the season that truly makes my soul dance…

~ F.P


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