In our instant world ~ What we no longer wait for…

In this moment of time, our world has become instant.

Many things we had previously waited for has become available almost as quickly as the idea appearing in our thoughts. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t confess that it both excited and terrified me. I enjoy the conveniences life is filled with but in the same breath, I am terrified of it creating a disconnect to a reality of sorts as well as an artificiality of what I believe to be the true importance in my life.

In contrast to life’s current lightening speed, I grew up in an era of patience. When I was a child, life was slower paced and that was perfectly normal. Life wasn’t as busy as it seems to feel now and I wasn’t in a rush for things to move any differently.

Today, our world is full of convenience created to make our day to day tasks simpler yet have these conveniences removed the need to be patient? Have we essentially lost the ability to be patient because we have become accustomed to the instant lifestyle?

As I ponder this concept, I think of all the many things we once waited for without frustration…when life was far simpler…

Here’s what we no longer wait for:

… Our favorite song to come on the radio to hear it and record it!

… Photos – Film stored a maximum of 24 shots before we had to develop them! And we had no idea if we had taken any shots that were actually good before we got them back! Developing use to take a few days too!

… Love – Gone are the days when people would wait for mr / mrs right to waltz on into their life by chance. Instead, there are online dating sites that allow quicker connections by browsing the profiles as though shopping for a new pair of shoes, taking control of our love lives.

… Money – Standing in line with a bankbook in hand on a dedicated bank day is no longer part of our weeks routine. We instead have instant access through ATM’s or directly at shops, and actual money never has to land in our hands should we choose.

… Service by waiting in line – everything can be access on the internet!

… The internet – With virtually everyone having a smartphone, the internet is literally available in your hands at any time of the day, wherever you are! You no longer have to wait to get home to access it and then wait to ‘dial in’ and ‘connect’. I think that sound of ‘dial up’ is forever embedded in my head!

… Those times of seeing a crush – We once waited until we bumped into that guy or girl we crushed on and looked forward to it in anticipation. Even it was seeing them from afar, the sensation of butterflies in our tummies was great. Instead internet, applications such as Facebook and Instagram has allowed instant stalking and access into another persons world at any time of day or night. There was nothing like seeing them in person and catching their eye to literally take your breath away.

… Shopping – If you can find it by clicking, you can buy it, all without even leaving your couch!

… Seeing photos of your favorite celebrity – as a teenager, you would wait until there was a poster in Dolly or Girlfriend magazine to catch a glimpse of them through the media (*sigh* JTT and Freddie Prinze Jnr!) – now there are thousands of images await you to click for access!

… Employment progression – It was previously accepted that career development inevitably commenced from the ground up. Current thinking seems to suggest that university educated graduates prefer to start a little further up the ladder and would happily move jobs to get higher quicker, perhaps arguably quicker than there experience dictates their readiness.

… Gaming progression – you no longer wait and work hard to progress, instead you buy things in the real world to get you there quicker;

… Your favorite movies and TV shows to air on t.v – The ability to download has meant we are no longer slaves to the television network – we instead dictate the content of our viewing when we want it.

… Books – Almost everything is available on an e-reader!

… Letters – We no longer wait to hear from people through snail mail! Letters have been replaced by email and text messages. And we no longer need to wait to see or call a person from home to send them our thoughts – mobile phones keep us connected at all times!

… For the birth to discover the gender of a child and additionally, with the introduction of 3D ultrasounds, we are no longer waiting to see the features the baby will be born with.

… For a ‘check-out chick’ at the supermarket – now we just scan, bag and process our own shopping.

… For the news on t.v – now we just click to find it!

It is undeniable we are now living in an instant society and while I will continue to embrace the technologies that have make our lives easier, I will continue to reminisce life when it was simple and slow…

~ F.P


I give you permission…

I see you… the little girl within me waiting.

I feel your excitement as though you are jumping up and down in my soul and I can hear your hums get louder as you sing to the tune in my heart, tapping your feet to it’s rhythm.

You have been waiting patiently as my body and my world grew up and adjusted to adulthood. You sat patiently through all of those uni lectures stressing our brain to fit and hold so much and I again made you wait patiently in those long hours at work when I searched our brain for the information stored.
You kept waiting patiently as our heart space became connected to another inside of us. I felt your excitement was almost too hard to hold… because the little girl inside us, me now has a playmate and i know you can’t wait to play!

So I give you permission…

~ I give you permission to sing your heart out to whatever tune falls within your heart;

~ I give you permission to jump into the puddle calling your happy feet as you walk past;

~ I give you permission to sit and colour pictures, allowing the world to slow;

~ I give you permission to twirl in circles with your arms spread out wide until you feel dizzy;

~ I give you permission to lay in the grass and watch the clouds change shape;

~ I give you permission to eat ice cream first at dinner or at breakfast if you choose;

~ I give you permission to wear colourful and mismatched socks because the silliness makes your soul smile…

I give you permission to dig deeply within your heart to find what makes your soul happy… and I give you permission to do just that!

Wait not for tomorrow what you heart seeks to do today ~ not because tomorrow may not come but because life is far too amazing to waste moment!

~ F.P