Summer! And the 30 reasons why I love it!

As we roll through each season, there are clear changes within my personal world because of the changing seasons and the affect it has, whether it be my mood, the way my body feels in response, my motivational levels, the activities I want to engage in, the music I listen to, the foods my body craves…the impact is widespread through every facet of my life.

Mother nature is incredible and captures my heart in so many ways. There is a sense of surrendering to nature and allowing myself to be swept up in its beauty and glory.

More Sunrise

Summer is a particularly special time of the year and has me feeling particularly uplifted. Summer days sit quite high in my memory bank, spilling over with so many reasons to love the season.

With the arrival of summer, I took a long moment to reminisce why I love it…and here goes:


  1. After a hot day, feeling and smelling the summer rain and the thunder rolling in that brings a cool change…
  1. Feeling the warm rays of the sun against my skin
  1. Eating gelati from the ice cream van
  1. Driving and listening to the summer songs blasting with the windows down and the wind flooding in
    ~ that’s right! The hot wind! Not the airconditioning…(Note: Well the air-conditioning features sometimes…okay, it’s featuring more frequently than not…)
  1. Summer BBQ’s
  1. Running into the freezing ocean and dipping into it – Even better at night!
  1. Watching the sail boats breeze along the ocean – Even better if you’re sailing on it
  1. Wearing a summer dress
  1. The colours of the night sky
  1. The amazing summer fruits
  1. Drinking chilled anything
  1. Home made icy poles or any icy pole!  Zooper Doopers!!!
  1. Running under the sprinkler in the backyard
  1. Enjoying the sunset from any spot… particularly the beach after a long day of swimming



  1. Smells of the summer flowers
  1. Open air cinemas!
  1. Watching the Australian Open til all hours
  1. The summer songs full of beats
  1. Games at the beach – fresbee!!!
  1. Enjoying the longer days – Thank you daylight savings!
  1. The warm colours that come our during summer
  1. Laying on the grass enjoying the sun
  1. The night markets that pop up everywhere
  1. Twilight at the zoo
  1. The vitamin D lift
  1. The sounds of the crickets at night – okay, so they can get annoying but you know it’s a hot summer night when you can hear them…
  1. The spontaneos road trips
  1. The genuine feeling of absolute relaxation because the sun just makes you feel like you’re on a holiday
  1. The smell of the fresh cut grass
  1. The street festivals


Everything in balance and I will no doubt be wishing for the cooler months to grace us soon, but in the meantime, I am embracing all of the beauty and simple happiness that comes from the basic things in life…


Here’s to enjoying the summer sun!

By Jensen A

By Jensen A

~ F.P


4 thoughts on “Summer! And the 30 reasons why I love it!

  1. Great post Fiona! You can’t beat the warmth of the sun in summer and all the fun things you can do outside. If you had to choose one, what would be the number one thing you love about Summer?

    • Hi Owen! Great question that really tested me… I would have to say number 14 – “Enjoying the sunset from any spot… particularly the beach after a long day of swimming”. I LOVE spending long days at the beach swimming and just being in the water… but the sunsets are just magical! It’s as though those moments of transition between day and night are the time that the world can be still and just soak up that magic. Makes me think of the scene in the movie ‘city of angels’ where all the angels ae drawn to the beach…
      How about you?

      • You can’t beat a nice sunset that’s for sure, and you know what, I think I’m going to have to agree with you. It’s probably my favourite thing about summer too!

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