And a Happy New Year to you!

New Years Day is the perfect moment to take a long and anticipated breath.  One of the great joys of life is taking a break from our routines and having some space to think and reset our practices.

As we all take a collective sigh that the Christmas chaos has now passed and the count down to welcome in a new year has now concluded, we can now actually start our focus upon the new years resolutions we may have created.

Our common resolutions range from becoming fitter, healthier, living more holistically, working less, make more money, travel more… the list continues.  As life moves in cycles, our priorities change.  The new year resolutions you made last year may not be as important as this year.  Additionally, twelve months is a long time and life can change in a moment, altering the course of everything you were initially working towards.  This is plainly and simply life.

The new year break gives us the possibility to step back and assess what is not working in our world with fresh, optimistic eyes… however, it is easy to romanticism what life should look like verses the reality of what life is and what is realistically achievable.

January 1 provides a day of optimism about life and with it, we often try to pack a great deal of new practices into our already busy and time challenging life.  For whatever reason, it has now become more realistic to make some life changes than it was days before.  I am not immune to the crazy, infectious optimism that is the concept of new year, new intentions.  Quite honestly, it is my favourite time of the year!

I often hear successful people speak of the ability to have it all – just not all at once.  This is a quote I hold to be true and this year it has been the foundation upon which my resolutions have been created.

This year instead of setting the intentions of what I will do more of, I am taking life back to basics – a lifestyle I have been working towards for the entire duration of 2015.

I have decided that I want 2016 to be about quality and ultimately living life basically.

I have decided that this year will be about positive living and to create a sustainable lifestyle of health, quality and living as authentically as possible ~ and I acknowledge that throughout the next twelve months what this looks like may differ from month to month and I will be awake to life to acknowledge and make necessary adjustments.  There will be absolute ownership of all choices and therefore no room to hold regrets. With these intentions, I have recognised that stripping away the unnecessary, it will enable me to rediscover what about me is my authentic self and I am diving into this challenge with great excitement and enthusiasm.


Whether you choose to create new year resolutions or not, remember that everyday is about the choice to live your life on your terms. Whilst you may be sitting around feeling unhappy and unable to change your circumstances, ask yourself if that is an absolutely accurate description of your circumstances… because the only thing that can never be retrieved once lost is time…and in honor of all those who no longer have the gift of time, I have chosen to embrace and utilize every moment I am gifted with…



Here’s to 2016 your way!

~ F.P


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