And a Happy Valentines Day to you… from you

Valentines Day.


The day marked in a calendar to remind us to display and celebrate love and appreciation, often in the form of grand gestures. Flowers, chocolates, cards, candle lit dinners, gifts, hot air balloon rides, picnic in the park – anything synonymous with the concept of romance.


The historical aspect of the significance of this date appears to have been blurred somewhere along the way. One such story took me to ancient Roma circa 3rd century where we are introduced to a Christian martyr called Valentinus. The story so goes that being sentenced to death for his religious beliefs and practices, he meets a young woman and the result is described as an all consuming love for one another and with all great love stories it would appear has only one fate… to end by death as did this one. In fairness and in comparison to Romeo and Juliet, this story of Valentinus started with his impending death.


He was alleged to have been executed on this day, February 14. In his legacy, he left a note for his love, signing it off “from your Valentine”. Yet again in fairness, as with all stories and particularly romances, the truth of the story is dependent upon who is telling it…

Love book

Leading up to this day, the advice for creating the perfect one have been endless with guidance of the type of gifts you can and can’t buy and the way you should or shouldn’t spend it. So many rules! It’s no wonder many have been sweating the arrival of this day in fear you can and will get it wrong… and if it isn’t the most perfect day you imagined, what then?


To some the day will mean nothing more than hearing and potentially witnessing many moments of love; to other’s it may be a day that will forever be marked in the diary of their love stories; and to others again it may be a day of some sadness for lost loves or no current romantic love… but why can’t it be a day to remind ourselves to love us first. Be your own champion in your story!


Today, like every day before and after should be a day to make yourself a priority in your own world! Love yourself first, completely and unconditionally! Regardless of whether you’re celebrating with a significant other or not, you should never neglect to fill your heart with your own unconditional love.


Today give care to what your soul is in need of and today listen…truly listen to your heart. Listen deeply through the haze of commercial hype and instead swim in the ambiance of the positive and loving energies being circulated today. In today’s society with the many tragedies and devastations’, it is rare that societies focus is on love and kindness in this way… let your soul take advantage of it and use it as a boost to reignite the passions. It should never be the role of another to love you in place of loving yourself. By recognizing your personal value independent of another’s value of you, you will never look to another to validate your place in the world. You alone are responsible for the footprint and legacy you will impose upon the world; and you are responsible for the love you bring in and put out into the universe; and you are responsible for the path upon which your life will take.


So today the day of love, be kind to yourself. Take a moment to nourish your soul. Do something to create the space in your heart for love and passion to swell unobstructed and be gentle of your minds thoughts to allow the free flowing of love and happiness to be embraced.



Today show the world that you are not afraid of love… and today and everyday show that you will love yourself just as much as you do and will love others. Create some space in your soul for a deep and connecting love with yourself for it will be a love that will create the life and happiness you seek… and that is a love that creates love stories that even Shakespeare would envy…


~ F.P


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