If money weren’t an issue how would you spend your time?

This week I learnt two new things about life dreams.


First, everyone dreams of travel. They either wish to travel more or start and travel for the remainder of their days – unsurprising really – travel is the ultimate dream for many – me included.


Second – even if coming into a substantial sum of money (think the recent USA lottery jackpot of way too many millions for one person) many people will choose to continue working – just in a different capacity to the job they are currently in.


If money weren’t an issue how would you spend your time?


It appears unanimous that we want to spend our time productively whether that be volunteer work, developing a hobby further or starting up that business we have dreamed of and built up in our own minds a hundred times. So essentially if we have a financial safety net the leap of faith into the life we dream of would be taken with ease? Pause. Let’s take a moment to think about that for the briefest of seconds because we need to consider time.


Time is a concept pondered at length because it just is. It merely exists in its untouchable form and yet has the most profound impact upon how we chose to live. There are people fighting for more time; we are often quoted as saying we have no time and that time is going by quickly. Perhaps the better question is how are we spending time – the most precious aspect of life…

Yet time just is – It is an unforgiving. It exists without the ability of being manipulated. It cannot be paused or rewound or fast forward and if we don’t spend our time as we want, we are merely watching it pass by irretrievable because the greatest truth is that time is the only thing that can never be brought back.


Those at the end of their mortal time speak of regret and often in regards to taking leaps of faith. Why wait for life to be in such a way that you will feel confortable to take a leap – because what if that perfect time never eventuates? We wait for so many things! I will refrain from listing all the many things we wastefully wait for because I appreciate your time is of the upmost value – but if you don’t believe that yourself it may be time to reflect a little deeper because our tomorrows are never guaranteed.


Right now, there is someone out there that was brave enough to step out – even without a huge financial safety net – and this person is now living your dream. They didn’t wait for a lotto win that may never come because they put the highest value on their dreams and decided that leaving it to chance and in the hands of the universe was not an option. They most likely shared your reservations. Your concerns also weighed on their shoulders. Your worries probably kept them awake at night. They undoubtedly listed all of the ways they could fail and they may not have succeeded completely first time, or the second…or the third time… but there is one big difference between you and them in this moment – the biggest difference is that they bundled up all of the concerns and fears and they took the leap – and they are living your dream with their feet up and cocktail in hand marveling down at the creation of their happiness – because no one hands you your dream… you create it!

This person is now working in your dream job and living life with the satisfaction of patting themselves on the back for realizing that often there is no better time than now.


Your mind is unmistakably and silently screaming out in fear. Fear can be debilitating. Fear of failure is a great concern but realistically the only failure is never getting started. Perhaps the word ‘failure’ should be replaced with the term ‘degree of success’ which is determined by you… just some food for thought…


Ultimately, I am not here to say jump prematurely – or to take massive risks to achieve big unless you calculate the risks and jump wisely and with knowledge and a plan – but take steps to get there. Start moving your dream in the direction of having it realized because in the words of Les Brown


“The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry our their dream.”



Let’s change that today…




~ F.P



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