The Beauty of the Sisterhood

Imagine six high school girls on the younger side running to board a morning, peak hour train already at the station. They all need to validate their transport pass by tapping on.


Then six drops her school bag, bends beside it in a panic to dig out her purse to… Her hands are fumbling to unzip it feeling the panic! She rips at the card trying to spring it free!

My attention is glued to the window as I hear the doors beep to indicate they are closing simultaneous to seeing she has not yet gotten the card free.

Two friends run to the doors to keep them open,
One waves to the train driver to beg his mercy,
One scoops her friends’ bag from the ground to get it to the train carriage ahead of her,
The other encourages her that she can do it and then pushes her forward once the tap has registered…

My heart beats quickly as my breath holds in my throat… I watch as the doors close… Behind the last one them…

Mission successful!

I hold my applause… Once again I’m minded not to be the crazy on the train…

For a moment some emotion bubbles to the surface… We focus so much on identifying instances of judgement between women… Of bullying and competition. Of jealousy and of pettiness that women / girls are known to be engrossed in… but today… this moment those girls remind me of the beauty that is the bond of us… the sisterhood that help each other keep moving forward in life!

~ F.P


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