And then there was that song…

I rarely write about grief or death but it is a feature of my everyday. Once you have experienced a passing so profound, grief becomes imprinted on your soul.



Then you have difficult days that have no association to the grief but are your run of the mill, challenging life days…

Your head is foggy, your body achy and craving your bed…

You realise you’re on your way to work and you have your daughters sippy cup in your bag…

Your hair is messy and not even a ‘mum bun’ can remedy it…

Your train seat was uncomfortable with your commute neighbor sitting way too close…

The emotions are bubbling… the tears are brimming and your soul threatens to embrace the next stranger because we seek comfort and connection and just something that soothes us to say someone else sees us in our haze… and then… that song …

Subtly coming through the speakers at the café`, it’s as though the universe sees us and hands over a little and subtle gift.

A portal between our worlds.

The song our departed loved one sung all time. A song that soothes like nothing else.

A song that speaks a thousand words far further reaching than the song itself.

A song that gives us the embrace to tell us that it’s all okay and that today is going to be better because they still walk beside us.



~ F.P


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