What does your bookshelf speak of?

My bookshelf speaks of great adventures and created memories!

Of planning amazing escapes awaiting to be actioned…

Of motivation of others who have turned their dreams and ambitions into their reality…

Of long days and nights pouring over case law, legal principles and judicial interpretation…

Of great intention to create meals worthy of inclusion onto magazine covers…

My bookshelf whispers the secrets of the wise and of the searching… And of the deep truths found…

My bookshelf shouts of inspiration and aspirations!

It dances with distractions from life, work and study…

And my bookshelf holds a lifetime and life force on it’s own.

The vastly varied books sit in harmony together as a representation of the life lived and the life to be lived … and the life we dream to have – our future intentions.

More books will arrive and the book family will always squish along to make room for more…

… For more dreams – anticipated and fulfilled…




~ F.P


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