Winter… and why I love it…


Winter mornings are crisp as the windows line with frost and the days are filled with long stretches of rain. Any sunshine appearing is like a promise from the universe that the warmth has not forgotten us.

This dear friend’s is our Melbourne winter.

Mother nature is incredible and whilst the warmer months are conducive to the surrender to nature in allowing myself to be swept up in its beauty and glory, rewarding us with bursts of energy, I remind myself that winter deserves a respect in the very minimum for balance. If we didn’t have these long enduring winters we would not have the fantastic summers!

I had previously written about summer and the way in which our lives respond and adapt. Given I don’t play favourites (I say as I am rugged up in winter socks, a blanket and the heater full ball recreating a tropical summer) I take a (reaaaalllly) long moment to reminisce why I love winter…and here goes:

– The rain pelting against the window during the evening is like a melody and even more so when it’s the lullaby lulling you to sleep.

– Summoning up your 7 year old self and splashing in puddles!

– Hot jam donuts!!!

– Toasting yourself with five blankets and the heater so hot you need to wear a tee shirt!

– Winter soups and comfort food!

– Watching t.v series marathons and movies – and not feeling guilty about it!

– Wearing thirty layers of clothing and feeling snug.

– Getting to snuggle into beautiful woolen scarves.

– The colours of rainbows after a storm.

– Hot chocolates! Any hot drinks… time to experiment!

– The snow and all the fun that comes with it!!!

– Roasting Marshmallows

– Ice skating!

– Warm, fluffy socks

– Wearing awesome boots and jackets!

– Long hugs and holding hands!

– The smell of fresh air!

– The smell of rain approaching…

– Watching the Tour de France…

– Playing Board Games!

– Hibernating and catching up on sleep!

– Tea!!!

– The genuine feeling of absolute relaxation because it’s waaaaay too cold to do anything else.

Everything in balance… and while I cannot honestly say I’m not longing for the warmer months that are summer… but when we return there I will no doubt be wishing for the cooler months to grace us again, but in the meantime, I am embracing all of the beauty and simple happiness that comes from the basic things in life…

Grab a blanket, a cup of tea with the magic of honey, lemon and ginger to fight off those nasty colds and snuggle up to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation… because in the wisdom of a dear friend… the bears have it right with hibernation… and we will need all the energy stored when the warmer months return again…



~ F.P


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