Life in Cycles

I nourished the Cancerian in me this weekend. Continuing to unpack our former lives to assess what fits into our current phase, I allowed myself to sit with the rainbow of emotions.


Our lives move in cycles. Every so often I look at the items that surround me and determine its purpose. I no longer wish to be weighed down by things. I don’t feel as though the more I have the more value is added to my life but instead that it works to detract from my quality and obtaining that peace I am endlessly chasing.

I choose to no longer be distracted from myself.

What was an absolute treasure of discovery were the very many journals I have stored starting from grade 6. The level of detail an 11 year old can feel about life – the beauty and the injustices. Sometimes you easily forget that with each life phase comes different challenges…

My current life cycle is focused on how to raise my daughter mindfully balancing all that is required… and maybe just maybe the younger me has presented just when she needs to…

All things happen when the universe aligns it…


~ F.P


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