Can kindness cure the world….

I am not one to engage into political discussions or conflicts but today my mind feels congested by the negativity that is floating around.

The current political climate shifts ultimately between matters that distinguish people between one another and for this I feel emotionally heavy and not as though the political environment reflects me as a citizen.


I was raised in a home created by parents who’s country of origin was not Australia. They made Australia their home and that creation was borne of a solid work ethic, complete integration into Australian culture with gratitude and appreciation towards this country. My parents immigrated in a time where Europeans were the subject of racism. Fifty years ago, Australia was the country commercialised as the land of opportunity internationally. The invitation was sent out globally to invite others to inhabit and make Australia home.

Fifty years later, the global landscape has significantly changed. There are a number of countries that are dangerous to remain in and yet this is the time that the doors are closed on those in need. The most vulnerable of the global community are knocking and instead there has been a choice to ignore their pleas or redirect them to the neighbours. It saddens me that Australia has become the country where the invitation has been rescinded.

I was equally raised on a home filled with love.
It was a powerful love unspoken and undefined. I was never made to feel or believe that love needs to be explained nor justified. Love was a feeling that was excepted as just being. Love just is.
I step back as I see political discussion continue about marriage equality. Still.
The discussion suggests that there is a need to justify who you choose to love and commit to. How could that be? We have never needed to justify the love between family, between friends or between opposite gender relationships…

And that’s because love just is…

The world is hurting.

The global community is struggling with natural disasters, famines, wars and tragedies that are dealt at the hand of another. In combination of all those issues, could the answer not be more togetherness, more love, more kindness?

Perhaps this is a simplistic approach but could kindness, acceptance and love not be the cure for the worlds pain?

I was raised to have an open heart.

I was raised to accept all with kindness and respect.

Even though my parents faced racism early on in their lives, it was never replicated at home.

I was not raised to distinguish between race; religion; sexual orientation; class or status. I was not raised to judge another on matters not of their choosing but instead encouraged to see people only based on their actions towards me personally.

I am now raising my own family and I have the responsibility of how to teach my daughter how to live in this world. I have the responsibility of how she perceives love, kindness and acceptance of all people and I take that responsibility on with both hands and all my heart and soul and pray to the universe that she will become part of the change needed in the world for the world needs to heal.


~ F.P


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