It was Him…

A snippet of the introduction of the story I’m working on…

☆ ☆ ☆

It was him. It was unmistakably him. Even from a distance,  his eyes are the very first feature that captures my soul and my breath. Suddenly the barely stitched together fabrics are suffocating my body. The heat is rising to my face and I catch myself at the moment just before the tears reach the surface and spew out a volcano eruption of emotion.
‘Its him’ I breathe out after what feels to be a lifetime. In that moment I felt the lifetime of seasons changing and missing him flood back into my heart like a tsunami.
‘Your groom?’ Responds the panicked dress maker. ‘Where?’ The urgency in her tone is doing nothing to assist my suddenly alarming levels of anxiety.
I cannot respond. I cannot move nor breathe. He is standing in the doorway to the fitting room area. His broad shoulders like the silhouette of a super hero.  His full lips still ridiculously desirable, the bottom lip slightly dropped open. His strong, sun kissed arms are holding a box package. My eyes cannot help but wonder over him entirely.  His eyes are searching my body suddenly with a sight of slight alarm.
‘Jessie?’ His voice… even as he said my name… his voice was the fabric of silk…

~ F.P