About ~ the identity behind the dancing words

Writing about yourself is like drafting your obituary…just plain awkward.

My name is Fiona and I have a fierce passion for writing. I live in Melbourne and share my living space with my husband (whose beautiful photos will be featured on my page) and our diverse family unit consisting of our new born daughter, our dog and fish, all of which have amazingly huge personalities. I have a Mediterranean background and passionate about traveling to foreign lands and experiencing the cultures as traditionally as possible. I like to live simply and try hard to remember to keep life into perspective…particularly with two feet on the ground but my head still reaching into the clouds.


I like to believe that everyday is an adventure and the challenges along the way are merely markers upon the journey of the soul. The many overcome obstacles merely add to our character. I have endured many huge life hills and have also been bestowed with many blessings.

My passion for writing commenced long before my memory is reliable. My imagination has always been colourful, wild and fascinated with the possibilities of the world and beyond. I see writing as a force on it’s own, usually (and inconveniently) being inspired at 2am!  However, a good piece of reading material could sweep you off your feet and have you diving into the depths of another world before you know it.

If you read closely… you may be able to uncover the [wo]man behind the curtain….



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