Would you buy your life if it was for sale…

Picture this: You walk past a store with a large shop window nicely decorated. It has one single item for sale. This one item is packaged well, with all relevant information clearly identifiable.
This package is your life
1. Would you feel enticed to purchase your life?
2. If you were enticed to buy your own life, what value would we honestly attribute?
3. What factors of the package would cause hesitation in you buying it? 

Many questions have no doubt ignited in your mind. What is your immediate reaction? Is it a denial, dismissive based response where your immediate thought may be “this is stupid” – but is that because it’s confronting to evaluate your life? I certainly think it is! Do you immediately start answering it? Do you find yourself lost down many different paths of answers unsure of which answer is a true and accurate reflection of what you honestly think?

A human reaction is to pass judgment. That is neither a positive nor a negative statement – it is merely an observation. We pass judgment on everything we come into contact with ~ including our own lives ~ even without expressing the opinion – but if we are honest with ourselves we acknowledge we are thinking it.

The ultimate question is are you happy?

The honest answer, regardless of whether the answer is a positive or a negative, will generate further questions.

If the answer is no:

– Can we make changes?

– Are we willing to make changes?

– Are we afraid to make changes?

How many decisions do we modify out of fear; or out of belief of adverse perception?  Fear is debilitating.  It also creates an atmosphere of self doubt and often skewed perceptions.  How often do we measure our own lives against those around us and think you would trade lives in a heart beat?  How often do you honestly believe that others are living the most perfect lives?  Social media appears to feed those fears as we are able to watch others lives as they travel; party; buy new and expensive things; get married; start families; look amazing while exercising ~ the list is truly endless.  It leaves many believing that other people are living the perfect life, thus creating envy.  If we are being truly honest, there are times in our life that if we stop and reflect, we feel as though we have lost our path somewhere along the way and life is really not where we believed we would be.  There are some moments where we come to think this was not the life I was creating and striving towards or this is not my life at all.  In times where we may be feeling lost within ourselves, all other lives can appear perfect and ideal.

But we are seeing into other peoples lives through a small window.  People show the world what they would like to share – by this I do not mean people are being dishonest and misleading – merely that we have the control over what we share and those that are viewing this, must understand that when passing judgment on the perception of a perfect life.  No life is perfect.

I am not here to preach about life being about the choices you make or that life is what you make of it.  That is a lesson for you to come to through your own life experiences.

Life is amazing!  We have the ability to make it what we want, subject to life throwing us challenges beyond our control… but before we harshly criticize our own lives and would rather the life of another, ask yourself what makes you think that…

~ Then push any fear as far away as possible and be brave enough to make the changes in your life that will make you want to buy your own life if it was for sale in a shop window

~ To attribute a priceless tag on it

~ And remove any hesitation in wanting to be living the life you have!

The time to start living the life you will be happy with is this moment…this very moment…and not a second later…

~ F.P


#100happydays – Gratitude, Appreciation & Life…

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow”
Melody Beattie

Gratitude is a concept that is pregnant with such beauty and positivity.  It is a concept that expresses thanks, understanding and appreciation.  It is a concept easily applied to virtually everything from connections with others, life in general… well anything really.

I have taken on a challenge set for 100 days to be happy.  The way it is proposed to capture this happy is to post a photo of it.  I am currently at day 15.  This has thus far been an interesting challenge because it has forced me to assess what I deem to be ‘happiness’ and not just content but real and genuine happiness.  I instead have looked at this challenge from the perspective of gratitude.

I am a firm believer in the power of positivity ~ not in a cliche` way, however I live by the belief that the attitude you bring to every aspect of your life will be reflected in the experience and the outcome.

I am not unrealistic.  Life is not a holiday or a dream or any other tacky cliche` catch phrase to try and portray perfection.  Quite the contrary, life is challenging and often that is a very mild description to the preferred colourful adjectives that are probably much better suited.  There are moments in life that are beyond unbearable.  There are moments that feel as though they have crushed your soul and broken you beyond repair.  Times where the clouds fall heavily above you and you are no longer able to see the limitless sky above let alone be able to feel a gratitude for the path that life has veered you down.  But then there are glimpses into amazing possibilities ~ possibilities that are beautiful, full of amazing experiences and moments that create long lasting memories.

For all of the experiences ~ both positive and negative ~ I am grateful. 

I have learned many lessons.  I have learned about myself and about the world around me.  I have learned about my abilities ~ my strengths and weaknesses.  Most importantly I have come to understand that life can break you if you allow it.  Whilst not every experience will provide you gratitude, it is often the lessons that do.

Today I mark the day of conscious change – to spread positivity and happiness through images but also to remind myself to take a moment of each day and glimpse into the power of gratitude…

To find it; To acknowledge it ~ To hold it for that moment in time and allow my soul to be enriched by it…

 ~ F.P