Tuesday, 1 April 2014

☆★ Our values, morals and common sense are portable life tools ~ There is no acceptable excuse to be leaving them at home ★☆

~ F.P


Monday, 31 March 2014

☆★ You cannot be someone more important than being your authentic self ~ You don’t need to be anything more to be amazing ~ Those who disagree are not important enough to keep ★☆

~ F.P

Technology: Before…During…After….

I am a child of the ’80’s

The generation of the commencement of the technology age

I am old enough to remember life without the interference and also the convenience of modern technology ~ yet I am young enough to be in the grasp of the hand of the ongoing developments, accompanied with the expectations to keep updated and aware.

Technology has become a very influential aspect of life.  Whilst I truly hold certain beliefs that I feel are better suited to have originated from older and less technologically advanced generations, I must confess…

In my handbag right now I have…

  1. a mobile phone
  2. an ipod
  3. a kindle
  4. a debit card instead of cash…

My communications are conveyed through the following:

  1.  Text Messages
  2. Calls to and from my mobile phone, house phone and work phone
  3. Email – a work account and a personal account
  4. Applications / ‘Apps’ such as:
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp
  • Snap Chat
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

My phone has enabled me to live a solitude life should that be the wish.  I am able to remain in contact without hearing another persons voice or seeing them; however it has also enable the personal connections of allowing both phone and video calls.  I have access to every answer for every question I have yet to even ponder.  I can shop for anything; organise any event and run all my errands including paying my bills without having to deal with a real sales assistance.
Whilst all of these methods are convenient to a busy lifestyle…it is a rarely exercised luxury to disconnect from the world.  We are accessible at all hours and through various methods of communication…and the connection is expected to be instant and without any delay.  The sound of a message or phone call or the blinking of a light on the mobile phone is accompanied with the expectation that whatever the information is, it cannot wait and equally we do not allow it to wait.  The expectation of remaining plugged in has caused me to reminisce…

Life before the world was swept up of the charms of technology….

I remember a time before mobile phones ~ when we spoke to our friends on a phone with a cord attached ~ when you stuck your finger in the dial on the number you needed and spun! When there was no ‘9’ at the front of your home number [relevant to those in Melbourne] and if you wanted to play with a friend, you walked to their house and knocked on their front door.

I remember the growing popularity of the car phone; the introduction of the bulky mobile phone; the flip phone; the tiny phone and the smart phone ~ I remember the black and green screens; then the colour and then the touch!  I was witness to the evolution of the ringtones – commencing with the classic; monophonic upgrading to the polyphonic and the mp3!  I enjoyed fits of laughter over the crazy frog….I lost hours on playing Snake and Snake II and was ridiculously excited about the snake going through the screen walls. Regardless of the many phones I have inherited and owned, I still reminisce about the awesome stability of the Nokia 3210 and the sleekness of the 8250 ~ with the blue light!

I am old enough to remember the television without the remote control, then the control with the cord and the remote that is what we know today.  I am old enough to remember the television that was cube shaped, then the massive stand on its own; then came the magic of mounting on the wall!  From black and white televisions and movies to colour and now 3D ~ and not the 3D of the cardboard glasses with one red and one blue for each eye…

I watched the evolution from LP vinyls, cassettes and walkmans to CDs and discmans. From mp3s to ipods. I remember carefully assessing my mood to select the cassettes and cds for my portable players…now I have thousands of songs at my fingertips.

I remember the typewriter ~ both electric and manual. I watched the evolution from them to desktop computers, laptops, tablets and kindles. As I draft part of this piece I am doing so on my smartphone on the train!  I remember life before YouTube and Google. As children, your source of funny things came from what you yourself experienced … and things you didn’t know the answer to, you would guess, speculate, wonder or ask someone instead of responding with a Google search.  Conversation at school would revolve around boys, sports, what you actually experienced…not what you saw on Facebook, YouTube or this new feature on whatever fancy device or ‘app’.  I remember the introduction of the internet… yahoo…MirC…Icq… the distinct sound of dial up and the frustration of when a call came through and disconnected your internet connection ~ we were then forced to wait and attempt to dial up again.  I remember ‘clicking on an image’ and had to wait long seconds and sometimes minutes for a full image to load bit by bit before your eyes.

I remember life before Facebook…when tagging meant graffiti art with a spray can. Liking something didn’t include a thumbs up icon that I was under the impression that a thumbs up wasn’t actually cool.  I remember life before the selfie…before the duck lips and the tongue poking… they would be considered the blooper shots you kept for yourself.  When game requests were to play monopoly on the floor in the lounge room…

I watched the evolution of the world of gaming.  Commencing with the Atari to the Nintendo… Super Nintendo…the Nintendo 64; the Seiga Master System and Mega Drive; the series of the gameboys; the Playstations; the Wii’s; the Xboxes and DS’s.  The games have evolved from the innocent adventures of Mario Bros and Donkey Kong to the savage and hardcore games like God of War and Mortal Combat.  The method of fixing the games have equally changed – from blowing into the bottom of the cartridge to wiping the disk on you clothes.

Technology has changed our lives ~

Our perceptions and interactions of communications ~ The way we spend our time…

 It is often easy to be critical of the negatives changes are perceived to bring… but equally we cannot blindly accept all changes as positive…with all things of the universe there is a balance to consider and the progression of life forward – yet it is all still personal as to how much change you have allowed in your world…


~ F.P