Thursday, 1 May 2014

☆★ Your life is not waiting for your permission to start living it – time simply rolls forward. If you wait a long enough time…even then life will not start living itself ★☆

~ F.P


Monday, 28 April 2014

☆★ There is no limit to the amount of love we have nor a limit on our lives experiences ~ We are not allocated an amount of gratitude, appreciation or compassion that we receive or give. Like the vibration of butterfly wings creating ripples ~ The more we practice giving them the more we generate them through humanity ★☆

~ F.P

A little break… a lot of nature…

There is something cathartic about disconnecting from the world ~ even as briefly as a weekend away.
This adventure commenced on the Thursday before good Friday. It involved a 4am start time ~ a packed car and high spirits. It would be eight hours by car until we reached our across-boarder destination. Taking first driving shift, I marvel at peace of the early morning. There is the gentlest of fog lingering over Melbourne city, giving out a subtle glow as the lights penetrate through.
Slowly making our way out of the city and into rural Victoria – I watch mesmerized as the dark night sky progresses to light, morning blue – followed by the assortment of oranges and pinks dancing upon the horizon. The sun rose spectacularly with the sun almost resembling a fireball – perfectly round and a stunning shade of earth yet fire orange. Traveling along the endless highways that connect Victoria, Canberra and New South Wales, I am taking mental post it notes of all the towns and National Parks I need to visit.After many long hours, filled with pop music, keeping hydrated and adjusting and readjusting the driver window many times over to get the right amount of air rushing into the car, we arrive at lunch. After a brief, restful stop and a change in pilot, we recommence the convoy to the lodges.

Our arrival is greeted immediately by the array of inhabitants. The kangaroos, birds of all descriptions and horses are peppered throughout the acres of land around the cabins. The land decorated in browns and greens of all native flora and fauna.

Feeding Kangaroo Horse    Kangaroo

Pre sunrise the next morning, I rose early to capture the beauty of the morning sky. A luxury to watch over the ocean horizon. I set out on foot ~ camera in hand and adventure and determination in my soul. The initial gravel road was steep and long. The walk up hill was challenging to my thighs yet a great incentive to wake up and move with rhythm and speed. Coming to a ‘Y’ junction, the signage was ridiculously unhelpful. There was a clear absence of arrows or direction to indicate which path in fact led to the beach. Standing there, my mind flashed images of the scene in the wizard of oz when the scarecrow points in opposite directions – except there was no scarecrow… the confusion was all me.

Choosing to veer left, I continued down a tree lined, gravel road. The trees were tall and there were many. There was no view through them. It appeared it was an endless forest I had been dropped within.

After 20 minutes of minor turns, I was led deeply into the driveway of someones secluded hideaway home. Ooops. Turning back the way I had come from, the sun commenced rising. The tops of the trees aglow as it seeped through the thick branches and leaves clustered together. Pausing to capture the beauty, the sunlight bathed the branches in fire red light -click – captured. The beauty was spectacular.

Returning to the previous junction, I turn left being the original right. After a short ten minute stroll I have arrived.

Standing at the lookout partially obscured but more tall bushy forestry, my breath slightly catches in my throat. The endless scene of pure, natural beauty is stunning. My soul is drawn to the magnificence and cleansing abilities of the ocean.
Walking back from the platform, I search for the entrance to the beach below. Location a narrow path again lined in thick, dense bushland, my runners crunch over the gravel. The focus of my sight onto the earth and where my feet are landing, I step over the veins of the earth as the tree roots are penetrating the walkway. The heartbeat of the world rushes my ears as I hear the waves, solid and tall, crash upon the shore.

As the brush clears from my obstructed view, the spectacular sand dunes come into sight just as a surfer, running with his board disappears behind them as he jogs.

The morning sight is misty across the beach. Slipping out of my runners, I cannot help but feel the varying elements of the earth beneath my feet and for now it was the sand. The sand is surprisingly icy, slippery and wet. It makes grip almost impossible. Struggling up the slippery sand dune, I rest meters from three men taking advantage of the ocean to fish.

I sit and simply enjoy. I do not meditate ~ I do not start making a bucket list of everything I seek to do in this lifetime because I am suddenly inspired ~ I have even put down the camera.

I simply am

pretty sunrise

I simply take in all there is to see and breathe in the spectacularly inspiring view and simply give thanks to the heavens that I am alive ~ my travels allow me to discover and I will continue to discover… both who I am and all of the hidden gems of the world…

I can happily say the next morning, I dragged my not-so-morning-partner to watch the sunrise – this time I was a little smarter about it and had located a spot the day before… by car…

The sunrise over the ocean horizon ~ I could describe it however I believe this one is better explained as a vision and one you might want to contemplate trying to capture yourself… It’s slow, it’s moving and it’s inspiring…

Sunrise    More Sunrise  Orange Sunrise


I enjoyed the spectacular show as my partner took advantage of its beauty…


Our personal photographer


~ F.P